A security risk, investigations and compliance company

We assess, plan and implement means by which threats may be identified and averted to protect your valuable assets, whether people, intellectual property, business integrity or commodities


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Business Ethics

We deliver a comprehensive, fully-integrated suite of services to cover every aspect of your security, regulatory and risk management needs.

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Security Consultancy

Our security specialists have the resources to meet the demands of complex global assignments, and have an intimate knowledge of their jurisdictions.

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Intellectual Property

Theft and loss of intellectual property costs global businesses billions of dollars annually. We respond quickly and decisively to breaches of your IP.

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Due Dilligence

Our clients depend on our experience to conduct due diligence across a wide range of areas, combining cutting-edge research techniques and physical intelligence.

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We understand the risks and challenges you face in safeguarding your assets around the world. We retain only the most experienced and knowledgeable personnel.

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We deliver a comprehensive service investigating fraud, theft and corruption at all levels. Our expertise includes intelligence gathering, enforcement and recovery.

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We will be pleased to arrange a confidential consultation anywhere in the world.

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Eni takes blame for oil and tar balls on UK beaches

Wyre Council on Wednesday said it was working with the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) to establish the extent of the pollution and carry out a clean-up operation. According to Blackpool Council Eni has accepted the blame for the oil and tar balls on the beaches in Liverpool Bay. Blackpool Gazette reports the analysis of the … Continued

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Congress can (and should) fix the law on shell companies

Alexandra Gilies, an advisor with the Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI), reports that last week, members of congress introduced bipartisan bills in the House of Representatives and Senate that would, finally, make this practice more difficult. The legislation would also address contradictions in current U.S. policy toward corruption, as shown by several oil sector cases mentioned below. The bills … Continued

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