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At Watchwood we understand the risks and challenges you face in safeguarding your assets around the world.  To this end, we retain only the most experienced and knowledge personnel to operate on your behalf. Having worked in the security industry for more than 40 years, we have acquired an in-depth understanding of the systems and processes necessary to protect your assets, reliably and cost-effectively. Our clients include: multi-national banks; insurance agencies; law firms and government departments. We’ve earned their loyalty over many years and they return to us again and again.

We offer vital protection solutions in the following key areas: Asset Protection, Close Protection, Guarding and Maritime.

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Hack Will Lead to Little, if Any, Punishment for Equifax

The hacking into Equifax’s trove of consumer and financial data that exposed the sensitive personal information of as many as 143 million Americans leads naturally to the question of the legal consequences the company and its executives might face. The answer, for those who remember the government’s response to the financial crisis, will be as … Continued

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Cyber-security: More than 1,000 attacks reported in UK

The centre – part of the intelligence agency GCHQ – says more than half the incidents posed a significant threat. None of the incidents was category one level involving interference with the democratic system or crippling critical infrastructure such as power. But NCSC head Ciaran Martin warned there could be more significant and damaging attacks … Continued

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