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Watchwood delivers an investigative service aimed at exposing fraud, theft and corruption at every level. Our expertise includes intelligence gathering, advice with enforcement and recovery proceedings. We are also able to conduct forensic investigations into suspected financial irregularities, accounting fraud or anti-competitive practices, enabling you to base decisions on admissible evidence that will stand up to scrutiny by regulators and the courts in cases of litigation.

The key issue when conducting any investigation is to mitigate on-going risk.  Our in-depth experience, proven operational methods and network of global contacts enable us to identify the critical areas that require immediate action. We are able to operate independently, using confidential sources, as well as working alongside overseas enforcement agencies. In either case, we will provide you with the vital information you need to make informed and timely decisions. We continuously update our information networks, gathering information and evidence across borders. Whether we are working with outside agencies or in liaison with your legal team, you can be confident that our service will meet and exceed your expectations.

Our investigative services include Asset SearchesCompetitor IntelligenceFinancial Investigations, Fraud, Internal Investigations, Litigation Support and Surveillance.

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The board has statutory and general regulatory obligations to exercise their fiduciary and other responsibilities with care, skill and reasonable diligence. Breaches of these duties can result in criminal and civil prosecutions. While independent directors (IDs) have the same legal responsibilities as other directors, by virtue of their non-executive capacity, IDs are arguably under greater … Continued

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