Watchwood operates internationally across all key industries.

In an increasingly global and ever-changing business environment, the need to protect your people, IP and assets has never been more critical.  Watchwood delivers a unique, fully-integrated suite of services to cover the security challenges of the twenty-first century business. We work with you to manage risk, perform due diligence, provide expert strategic analysis and conduct tactical investigations. We also provide critical on-the-ground protection to keep your people and assets safe in potentially hostile situations.

Each assignment is closely managed throughout by a lead consultant, who will liaise with you in-depth to arrive at a cost-effective solution that is precisely tailored to your unique needs. As you would expect, our tact, discretion and professionalism are a given at all times. We operate in six key areas:  oil & gas, pharma & biotec, commodities, shipping & logistics, fashion & retail, financial services and construction

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Independent directors: driving integrity

The board has statutory and general regulatory obligations to exercise their fiduciary and other responsibilities with care, skill and reasonable diligence. Breaches of these duties can result in criminal and civil prosecutions. While independent directors (IDs) have the same legal responsibilities as other directors, by virtue of their non-executive capacity, IDs are arguably under greater … Continued

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Somali pirates hijack first commercial ship since 2012

Security forces have been sent to free the Aris 13, a regional police official said late on Tuesday. “We are determined to rescue the ship and its crew. Our forces have set off to Alula. It is our duty to rescue ships hijacked by pirates and we shall rescue it,” Abdirahman Mohamud Hassan, director general … Continued

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