Watchwood operates internationally across all key industries.

In an increasingly global and ever-changing business environment, the need to protect your people, IP and assets has never been more critical.  Watchwood delivers a unique, fully-integrated suite of services to cover the security challenges of the twenty-first century business. We work with you to manage risk, perform due diligence, provide expert strategic analysis and conduct tactical investigations. We also provide critical on-the-ground protection to keep your people and assets safe in potentially hostile situations.

Each assignment is closely managed throughout by a lead consultant, who will liaise with you in-depth to arrive at a cost-effective solution that is precisely tailored to your unique needs. As you would expect, our tact, discretion and professionalism are a given at all times. We operate in six key areas:  oil & gas, pharma & biotec, commodities, shipping & logistics, fashion & retail, financial services and construction

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