Ensuring your construction site is fully secured 24/7/365

The annual cost of theft and vandalism on UK construction sites is estimated to be more than £350 million.  Apart from the cost of lost materials, break-ins can also result in delays with completion, affecting both scheduling and profits. To add to this there is the risk of reputational damage, rejected insurance claims and non-compliance issues.

Watchwood has many years’ experience of providing security solutions for construction companies around the world, including working in potentially volatile environments, where enhanced on-the-ground security is a priority.  We understand that no two construction sites are identical; our security professionals will design and deliver a solution that is tailored to your exact needs, including round-the-clock surveillance, site patrols and rapid response teams, ensuring that your construction site is fully secured 24/7/365. Each assignment is closely managed throughout by one of our founding directors who will consult with you in-depth to establish your needs. As you would expect, our tact, discretion and professionalism are a given at all times.

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