Helping to maintain the integrity of your brand by safeguarding patents and intellectual property internationally

The Pharma and Biotech industry have a diverse and specific need for the range of services that Watchwood can offer. We have an extensive proven track record with the biggest names in the industry for providing fast and effective answers that can be relied on.
In particular the industry has a very critical need for detailed, robust and accurate intelligence that it can rely on from the international courtroom to the boardroom.

Pharma and Biotech companies are involved in a raft of international operations from distribution to manufacturing and therefore need to be able to make informed decisions with regards to International Compliance, Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics.

The pharmaceutical and biotech industry is also vulnerable to IP theft, and drug counterfeiting has become a multi-billion dollar global industry. Safeguarding patents and intellectual property is a continually evolving challenge. To maintain the integrity of your brand, it is vital that you have in place strategies to minimise risk and respond decisively to IP infringements.

At Watchwood we have the resources to pursue counterfeiting and IP theft wherever they may exist. This includes jurisdictions where anti-counterfeiting laws are weak and legal sanctions difficult to enforce.  We work to identify, assess and prevent illegal operations, gathering actionable intelligence relating to counterfeiting or parallel trading. We support litigation, liaising with international law enforcement agencies and customs authorities to hold offenders to account.  Vitally, we also assist with developing cost-effective strategies to identify vulnerable areas and mitigate future risk.

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