The most effective defence against pirate attack is a measured armed response

The risk of attack and hijacking at sea continues to grow, and pirate activity is now extending beyond its former trouble spots in the Indian Ocean. With no prospect of a political solution in sight, the focus is on the protection of crews and vessels.  Likewise, in many areas of the world, overland logistics are increasingly hazardous and depend on security escorts for protection.  Professional protection is vital to the safety of your personnel and maintaining business continuity, as well as avoiding the human and monetary costs of falling victim to hijacking or theft.

Watchwood is licensed by the UK Government to export and operate firearms in support of our offshore operations. We have been providing Maritime security solutions to the private, corporate and ship chartering companies for many years including the provision of effective anti-piracy solutions in high-risk international shipping lanes.

Watchwood conduct all security operations inline with regulatory and compliance requirements and maintain the highest levels of quality control. We are members of Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI) and the International Code of Conduct  (ICOC) and have been ISO 9001: 2008 accredited since 2011.

All our personnel are former British forces personnel and are highly trained and operate in accordance to BMP4 and within stringent Standard Operational Procedures (SOP).

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